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RiBMo is the latest addition to our urban tire line. Aside from a plethora of sizes, the news on RiBMo is ProTite puncture resistance technology. ProTite provides 24% greater puncture resistance over our PT technology. Combine that with durable yet suupple Mile Cruncher compound and you’ve got the best urban tire for every need.

Mile Cruncher Compound
Long wearing compound. More durable than our other compounds yet without the harsh ride of other competitor’s hard compounds, Mile Cruncher will roll the miles beneath you as you enjoy the ride.

ProTite Shield
By using a special combination of high modulus yarn with proprietary epoxies we’ve developed a material that is over 24% more puncture resistant than our previous PT material. ProTite Shield is bead to bead all protection by this material.

800D Strong Cord
800D polyamide cord is nearly twice as strong as the cord used in conventional tires. It improves rigidity, pinch flat and side cut protection. This casing reinforcement helps protect the tube from punctures.


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