Busch & Müller IXXI




Battery-powered rear light. High output LED. Very bright, large beam angle. Fits all seat posts. 53 mm tall, 31 mm wide. Weight (incl. battery and mount): 35 g.

Integrated, rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Shines for 15 hours
Charged via micro USB port
With capacity indicator
Approved by German road traf?c regulations

RoadBIKE In January 2014, the racing cycle magazine awarded the battery-powered rear light with the highest possible grade: ÜBERRAGEND = OUTSTANDING. They say that IXXI is appealing because it is the lightest tested rear light that also offers long endurance. Mounting via rubber strap is lightning-fast. Very low weight and therefore easy to always bring along.
TOUR Europe’s largest racing cycle magazine counts the IXXI among three battery-powered rear lights that proved their worth during on-road tests.


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